Dental Month Discount

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Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is approaching. February also happens to be National Dental Month, so we are celebrating by giving 14% OFF the Entire Dental procedure and a FREE Pre-Op Dental Exam* for all your furry loved ones.


Dental disease is the most common ailment in dogs and cats. It can range from mild to severe dental disease. The bacteria associated with dental disease in the mouth can travel in the blood stream to the liver, kidneys, brain and heart causing focal infections. If you notice halitosis (bad breath), plaque or tartar then your pet needs a dental cleaning.

Your FREE *Pre-Op Dental exam ($75 value) is to determine if your pet needs to have a dental done by examining your pet’s mouth. It is not to be combined with Annuals or any other concerns. If your pet indeed needs a dental cleaning, necessary pre-ops can be done during the exam (i.e. Blood work) at additional costs. Once pre ops are done, we can schedule to have the dental procedure within the month. All costs associated with the dental on the day of the procedure will be discounted by 14%.

Get your loved ones ready for a clean Valentine’s Day Kiss… Call us to book your complimentary Dental Exam. This promotion is during the entire month of February but call now to book your free dental exam

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May your Valentines be filled with wet kisses,

Dr. Glennon, Dr. Son and Dr. Corrao
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